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Java is a great language to code in. Quite a few introductory programming courses actually use Java as the preferred language for teaching programming. It's easy to use, intuitive, and has all of the object-oriented functionality that one expects from other, more high-level languages like C or C++. Best of all, it's platform-independent to a large degree, so programs written in Java will usually work the same whether they are running on a Windows client, a Unix machine, or a Mac. In addition to all of these great features, there's also a wide variety of secondary software out there to assist people in creating great Java content. And now there's Cavaj Java Decompiler, which allows programmers everywhere to reverse-engineer Java programs at will.

All of these great features make for a great programming language, but what do beginning programmers do when they want to analyze code from a Java application to help them learn how such things are accomplished? What do experienced programmers do when they lose their source files, or when they want to debug, fix, re-compile, and run somebody else's application? Cavaj Java Decompiler is the tool for these situations. Cavaj Java Decompiler is able to use the CLASS files to reconstruct the source code for any Java program.

Anyone who's ever tried to reverse-engineer a program manually knows how difficult it can be to guess at the source code of a compiled program. The ability to automatically recreate source code just by running the CLASS files through a program gives developers a huge advantage, and provides students with ways to see how various techniques are combined in the source code to create effective Java programs. It's a must-have piece of software for anyone who is serious about Java programming.


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